March 8, 2013

By Derek On March 7, 2013 Under Uncategorized

In this week’s Emerging Markets Illustrated we look at forgotten Holland and how the country that invented the stockmarket is leading our industry once again – but in a direction most of us don’t want to go. We examine why Chinese air pollution is bullish for British boarding schools and bear witness to the official codification of the death of banking. Strong results from Want Want (151 HK) are worth noting noting and we trace the transformation of that company from a lonely little rice cracker maker in Taiwan to the 800-pound gorilla in the China food market it is now becoming. Anita Ward and bell bottoms long went out of fashion but interesting stock opportunities have not. Belle (1880 HK) is a buy now when everyone is giving up on the story. We examine Janey Dillon’s recent upgrade of the stock and agree.


Derek Hillen, CAIA


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