January 25, 2013

By Derek On January 24, 2013 Under 2013

In this week’s Emerging Markets Illustrated we look at a new and possibly revitalized Japan and what it means most directly for China and Korea. Away from the zero sum game of international diplomacy, we see there is more to precious metals than gold and it looks like one of them is ready to rally. We examine the reasons for a further move in platinum from these levels and examine the one existential threat, coming down firmly in favor of the rally. Over a billion dollars a day creeps, sneaks and leaks out of China winding up overseas in the form of hotels, houses and hedge funds. Other than plastic flip flops, what else is China quietly exporting? Finally, five years after the drama began, we get to look at just what was going on behind closed doors at the Fed when the world economy suddenly grabbed its chest and face planted the floor. The full story will come with next year’s final installment from the central bank which will provide rich fodder for a movie or two. High drama, high finance, it can all be found here in Emerging Markets Illustrated.


Derek Hillen, CAIA

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