December 6, 2013

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“In order to change the world, you have to get your head together first.”  - Jimi Hendrix


Road Trip to Reno

Thanksgiving here in the US is a time when families strive to get together and eat turkey for the only time of the year – before they do it again four weeks later at Christmas – and this year we were no different. After having many times watched the cult film, “Planes, Trains and Automobiles,” in which the artistic talents of John Candy and Steve Martin illustrate the pitfalls of this odd American custom, I decided, NO WAY were we going to fly with the children to see the grandparents during the busiest travel week of the year. This rash decision necessitated a four day, 1,700 mile (2,800 km) drive down through the vast wasteland of five states to Reno, Nevada (itself a wasteland) and back. America was built for driving and it is during long road trips like this that one is forced to come face to face with whatever one strives to keep out of the house and away from polite company. I am talking about some of the “real America.” Examples of this are things you don’t see in Hong Kong, London or Manhattan: such as guys in trucks wearing dirty T-shirts proclaiming, “When I snap, you’ll be the first to go.” The refined look is often finished off with an old baseball cap that says something like, “Drinkin’ Beers, Shootin’ Deers,” or “Hardcore Carnivore.” You can bet there are guns in the truck and food stamps in the glove compartment.



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