2013: The Report Card

By Derek On December 19, 2013 Under Uncategorized

The Report Card

Greetings. This is the last Emerging Markets Illustrated for 2013. I think it responsible of your author to review his recommendations over the year and see where he got it right and where he blew it.


Good Calls:

January 25th: Buy Japan. Result: Topix up 34% since that call.

February 8th: Sell Mexican developers, particularly Homex (HOMEX MM). Result: Homex craters 92%.

March 1st: Buy KFC in China (YUM US). Result: YUM up 12%.

March 15th: Buy United Spirits in India (UNSP IN) post Diageo take over. Result: United Spirits up 32%. (Notable client reaction to the call at that time, “What? The deal’s over! You should dump the stock, you chump.”)

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